damier sayelya mm...have pictures???

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  1. anyone have pictures of themselves wearing this bag? I searched but couldn't find any. I'm just wondering if its too big to carry as an everday bag? thanks:smile:
  2. here you go![​IMG][​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. thank you! Do you use it as an everday bag? If so, do you find it kinda large or just right? thanks
  5. I plan on using mine everyday... I don't have any pics but it hould be in next week
  6. i am not using it much right now, but i did use it as an every day bag. i got a large red purseket for inside- it helped with smaller items. (although it does come with a cell pocket and small pocket that my agenda/wallet fit in perfectly.) i found it to be a very comfortable every day bag- my dad even complimented me on it! i think it's a nice size- big w/o being too humoungous.
  7. Hi, here's a pic of the Saleya MM with the new longer handles. I put it next to my Saleya PM so you can see the difference in size. In January I learned about the MM coming out with the longer handles (thank tpf!), so I was put in the waitlist, and just got the call a few weeks ago. It was definitely worth the wait, because it fits so nicely on my shoulder and works as a handheld too!
    Saleya MM PM.jpg
  8. I love the new longer handles on the Saleya MM, same size handles as the azur now! Does anyone know if the longer handled Saleya MM in regular Damier is in all the stores now?
  9. :yes: should be in all stores now!
  10. I tried both on yesterday evening in the stores and if your petite, the MM will look really big on you, too big for everyday at least. I tried both on at the same time, and someone exclaimed "Uhh, dont get the MM unless you want a diaper bag!" If you have kids or carry a ton, I'd say MM, it probably wont look so big on the average American woman, but for me... it was huge. PM looked much better on me proportionally. The SA agreed.
  11. Please try using the search feature above for pictures of fellow PF'ers with their Saleyas... or try looking in the Visual Aids thread. ;)
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