Damier Sauvage....so gorgeous..but worried about

  1. http://i10.ebayimg.com/04/i/08/e5/06/34_12.JPG

    the balding....durability factors. I guess this piece isn't really ideal for "roughing it" :rolleyes: but it is so darn pretty.

    I wonder if anyone owns a bag/shoes in the damier sauvage can help me out with how great its longevity is. :P
  2. I've been looking around at Ebay for this line but most of them have balding problem. The only one not balding because the person dind't carry the bag at all.
  3. I´m fond of the look, not the actual hair on the bag.
  4. Really? How come you don't like the hair on the bag?
  5. I just don´t like hair on my bag period:P Can´t really explain it better.
  6. I had one of these and sold it. I never used it.