Damier Sauvage line?

  1. Does anyone know what they mean when they say horsehair? Does this mean it is actually made with the hide of a horse with the hair left on? :crybaby:
  2. yes it does. it feels really nice though. i loved this line.
    it tends to get bald patches if its used lots.
  3. Damn...I love the look of this line, but to me it would be like carrying a bag made of dog hide. I know things like this are thought of differently in Europe...but here in North Dakota, horses are like family. Thanks for the info....I would have been ill had I bought the bag!!
  4. no, its just calfskin with the hair still intact. the fashion industry just prefers to call it "ponyskin" to make it sound exotic.
  5. ^yeah what he said, my Whistler Cabas is made entirely of calf hair and in the label it says "tote pony" lol I wished hey could had made bags in the Sauvage or if they could bring a larger damier version with the calf hair for FW08...
  6. it would have costed lots more if it was real horse