Damier Sauvage discontinued tote...

  1. Wow, I'm in love.

    I'm not sure if this is a real one, but I love this style! Does anyone have one?

  2. I've never seen it but it's GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  3. I have never seen this either but WOW! That bag is sooo nice
  4. they discon it like 3 years back I think. Its made of Pony Hair
  5. That is so hot! I saw that before it is really special looking. Are you getting it???
  6. Wow, very unique!
  7. Love it! Saw it in the LV catalog and wondered when it got discontinued. Too bad because it is :heart: ! :amuse:
  8. I have one of the small bags. It is made of ponyhair. If you would like to compare anything, let me know and I can dig it up.
  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the damier sauvage line and I'm kicking myself for not getting one when they were still on eluxury. The pony hair is so exquiste but I've seen a couple pieces on ebay where it was 'balding' in some areas.

    I saw some girl using this when I first got into LV and I've been hounding it ever since.

    Lulu, has a beautiful sauvage piece in her collection.
  10. OMG a ponyhair Damier line!!!!!! That's so gorgeous! I remember hearing the name but never saw a pic- I love it!
  11. Pony hair?! Uh oh, I'm not partial to pony hair. You can't even tell from the photos. Hmm, never woulda thought!
  12. I love the shoes in damier sauvage
  13. i know they look gorge, (my friend who isnt big on designers and cant really afford to be) is in love with them and plans to get them in a few years (they still sell them in the sydney store) i told her they are already discontnued and she should snatch tthem up sadly she doesnt have enough money saved up yet
  14. I Have A Pair Of The Shoes.....I Wore Them Only A Couple Times (So, So On Comfortable).......I Believe I Purchased Them @ The Soho Boutique. I Believe In '99?