Damier Saleya?

  1. Does anyone have the damier saleya? I'm thinking of getting it as my first damier piece. I would get the speedy, but I already have 3. Opinions? :shrugs:
  2. I got the Saleya PM as my first [and so far only] damier as I already had a mono Speedy! Love it, the handles are a little longer than the Speedy, it opens wide and the structure helps hold stuff in place so there is less rummaging around than in my wonderful Speedy. It holds less stuff and can be filled too full unlike the Speedy which just looks cuter the more it is stuffed. And no cute lock. My Coach charms do not fit the chunky handle hardware but cerises cles looks great with the damier.
  3. I have the salayea PM also. I wish I had bought the MM. It is just a little too small for me. I have the speedy 30 also in damier (I have 8 speedy bags) and I use the speedy a lot more then the salayea.
  4. ^^ I agree with the above I have the pm and wish I had gotten the mm :love: the shape of the saleya
  5. I have it in Azur MM. I really love the size and shape but for some reason its never the first bag I pull out and use.
  6. I just bought a damier saleya pm and I love it. The sa told me they modified the length of the handles so that they now fit comfortably over your shoulder. One caveat though...the outer handle always seems to slip off, which can be quite annoying if you're gonna take the bag for a long day of shopping. I also noticed that although it looks large enough, like the others have said, it will not hold as much as a speedy 30 (unless you just overstuff it, lol). Even still, I love it, because it's different and you don't see a whole lot of them around.
  7. I bought the damier saleya pm for my daughter earlier this year and she seems to like it...she wanted something different and this fit the bill...Good luck with your bag search...
  8. Its a great functional bag!!
  9. Get the Saleya if you already have 3 speedies . Something different ;)
  10. I just ordered one after looking at this bag forever. Looks like it will be a great bag for work. I love the size and that its so lightweight...oh yeah and no vacetta so I can take it out in the rain.
  11. Oh!! I want one, it is a classic!!
  12. I am getting one for my self too. It should come anytime this week. Can't wait. I've been wanting saleya PM forever! It looks like it would be a perfect everyday bag for me, not to mention also it's functionality and such a worry free! plus I found a pretty good deal on eBay too. =)
  13. I have the Saleya PM and love it! I probably use it the most since it's a neutral color and fits everything I need. I also love the chunky gold hardware and the red alcantara lining! :heart:
  14. Mine just arrived...I LOVE it!!!
  15. yes! the speedy is an amazing bag. BUT no one is in need of 4. unless you have several other pieces. I really encourage you to look at the alma. :] in epi. :drool::drool: ohhh. its gonna get big again, not that it ever left. but ive seen hollywood with it ... ALOT.:girlsigh: but if you just HAVE to, get the saleya. in MM though.