Damier Saleya PM

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  1. Has anyone actually seen or tried on this tote in person? If you have, is it strictly a hand-held bag or can it also be worn over the shoulder?
  2. I tried this bag on at the store. It fits under the arms but I imagine it would not be so comfy when it is filled with stuff. Like, you would have to hold it in place with your arm while it is under your shoulder. It is not the kind of bag you can just leave under your shoulder and forget about it.
  3. I saw the bag too and the handles almost seem long, yet short of being held as a shoulder bag. I think it's more handheld.
  4. Thank you for your responses, ladies. I'll keep looking.....
  5. I just bought this exact bag today and I adore it. It is perfect for everyday use -- not big enough to carry work files and stuff, but very roomy. the handles are longer than the alma so it is more comfortable to hook over your arm. it can't be worn over the shoulder if that's what you're looking for. but a great bag -- like a more casual alma.
  6. I have this bag and like it very much.

    I have worn it on my shoulder, but it is meant to be a handheld bag. The size is very nice---big enough to hold the necessities and some extras....
  7. It is definitely a handheld bag.
    Now, the saleya MM is a shoulder bag, but even then, it can be hard to put over the shoulder if you are wearing a winter coat - I found that to be the case when I tried one on this winter.
    Best thing to do is to go to the store and try it on. :smile:
  8. it's a handheld bag. but i do wear mine on my shoulder. that's why im love it . i can wear it both ways :love:
  9. oops. that's why I love it :P hate typos! sorry just had to correct myself.
  10. Do any of you have pictures of yourselves carrying the bag? I would love to see them!
  11. my 5 yr old daughter took this pic :amuse:

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  12. tomato_juice

    The bag looks so chic on you! The bag is a tad bigger than what I expected. How tall are you? I'm small in stature---it might be too big for me.
  13. thanks. am only 5'3. it must be the angle.my daughter took the pic , she's small so maybe that's why the bag came out big. the bag is not at all big. i'll try to post more pics later. i'll ask my little girl to stand on a chair. lol!
  14. Anyone have the Saleya PM? I'm seriously liking this bag. I think I could get past the arm-vs.-shoulder thing too. Is it big enough for an every day bag?
  15. tomato juice the bag looks great on you! It looks like a comfortable shoulder bag.