Damier Saleya pm, Speedy 30, Alma/ Epi Alma or Jasmin?????

  1. Ok, I think I've narrowed it down....planning for my Hawaii purchase(s) I def. want to get a bigger more useful bag, was thinking of finally getting a little vernis bag like the reade pm or lexington but for similar money I can get a bag I will get a lot more use out of and I'm just tired of the "high maintenance bags". I already own the papillon 26 and the pochette cosmetique in damier, along with my work bag (broadway messenger) and my medium agenda. I don't have a larger everyday Damier bag though......Anyway I think I'm between the bags above and I'm just going to do a small agenda in framboise vernis so I get that vernis fix! They are all great bags, give me your input please!! I'm 5'6" and pretty petite, I'm 30 but have even younger look/style, I've loved Alma for some time but not sure if it's my favorite in Damier ( I think I like it better in epi but want more color options). I've also love the Jasmin but think it's def. a little more conservative than I would prefer.... I love that I could use the Saleya handheld or on my shoulder, but then I love the speedy in Damier and don't own a speedy in the 30 size yet....PLEASE HELP I'm driving myself crazy, I would buy them all but I can't and this final bag purchase will round out my collection perfectly!
  2. Have you checked these out in person yet?

    I own the Saleya PM and adore it. It's beautiful and functional not to mention it's a bag that is not seen very often. I love it.
  3. Bigger bag? The jasmin is pretty small compared to the other ones.
  4. I am just a Jasmin fan :shame: but it is small.
  5. Well I absolutely adore my Saleya as it is understated and also not super common BUT so functional!!:supacool:

    On me it doesn't work too well on my shoulder but that may depend on how petite your arms are.
  6. Yeah, the Jasmin is smaller, but.....it's at least a similar size to the papillon.....anyway, just always liked it so thought I'd throw it in there.....I think I read that you use it as more of a conservative/interview business like bag and I just don't need something like that which is why after liking it 6 years ago I still haven't purchased it.....it's very pretty but it would only be me in mandarin and I already have a speedy and a pochette in mandarin....
  7. I can wear mine on my shoulder for brief periods, I am kind of small though.
  8. Mh, I like all the bags :shame:
    The Jasmin is rather small, I think. As an everyday bag I'd suggest the Saleya or Speedy in Damier - def. Saleya if you need your hands free!
  9. Oh, I've had them all in my hands, many many times......the day I bought my balenciaga box which I love to death, was the day I found the Saleya, it had just come out, I was kinda sad cause I just spent even more money on the Balenciaga bag and I could have had this Saleya but I had to let it go b/c I had to get the Balenciaga off my list if you know what I mean......and I had the opportunity! But now I'm back to the Saleya, but in the mean time they came out with the speedy....THEN I had still always liked the Alma, but, not to offend anyone, but I'm into the alma until I see someone wearing it on a long strap, then I change my mind.....it's just such a classic! ahhhh! if only I could win the lottery......
  10. i like the Saleya. it's a beautiful bag. the Speedy 30 sags, which i don't like, and i can't stand the shape of the Alma.
  11. Thank you! I think I kinda needed to hear that about the Alma, I love the Saleya, it's so simple......and it seems easy to use and get in an out of. I love the smaller speedy but I wind up scratching everything on the zipper which is one reason why I'm thinking of trying the 30, and I mean I scratch everything on that darn zipper, my rings, watch, wallet the list goes on and on........
  12. yeah, I think I'm leaning toward the Saleya, unfortunately for me and my surfing abilities, and fortunate for my ability to fit my skinny arms anywhere, my arms are skinny enough to wear the saleya comfortably on my shoulder......it's kinda bazar, I'm certainly no super skinny person, but my hands, wrists and arms are soooo small....my ring finger is a 3! Anyway my last decision will be do I want just one bag which could be the Saleya, or do I want a bag and an accessory, then I would have to do the speedy, I have given myself a price limit for Louis in Hawaii b/c there's so much other good shopping there too ya know....
  13. i think the saleya would be a great choice!
  14. I'd go for the Speedy 30 or the Saleya PM....
  15. I love my Saleya PM. It is so functional and the perfect everyday bag. :flowers: