damier SALEYA pm, anyone with pics?

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  1. I wondering if this bag can be use as shoulder bag. I dont really like the DAMIER CANVAS line,,but this 'saleya' looks so special to me:heart: .
    Do u guys have this bag? Is the PM size too small??
    Maybe u can post some pics of you with the bag
    Thanks everyone!!
    p11085820_ph_hero.jpg p11085804_ph_hero.jpg
  2. Here is another thread on this bag
    I agree with you it is a nice bag and growing on me :smile:
  3. thanks...its growing on me too.
    I hope someone will post some pics later of them carrying the bag, I cant wait to see. Im so excited.
    Im going for vacation to Singapore this Friday, and I hope I will come back with this bag,,heheh,,,but I need to try it first, U know, sometimes it just doesnt suit !! But i can feel it that this bag will looks good on me....oh man,,,how am I gonna tell my husband about this,,,he will think im sooooo crazy!!!!! when I like something, i just can NOT WAIT!!
  4. I think it would be great to take on vacation.
  5. i have and love this bag, but i don't feel that it's really suitable for a shoulder bag. it does fit, if I were to insist on wearing it at the shoulder, but it's not very comfortable and not made to be worn that way, in my opinion. i certainly wouldn't carry it that way for a lengthy period of time. i carry it by hand or in the crook of my elbow.
  6. ahhh..thats bad that its not for shoulder bag. Do u think the handle is the same like the speedy?? maybe u can post some pic of u with your bag to get impression(only when u have one)
  7. I think someone mentioned in the other thread the next size up is more of the shoulder tote...It looks to me to have longer than speedy handles but not long enough for the shoulder - I should get mine tomorrow!
  8. pls post pics of u with the bag when u get yours. Thanks
  9. it sure reminds me of longchamp bags...
  10. I tried on the Saleya PM last weekend on my shoulder and being petite, it fit over my shoulders but was not comfortable because of the rolled handles.
  11. I have the MM and I love it, I wear it as a shoulder bag with no problem - I have a bunch of threads out there with photos. I've been bragging about my new Saleya!!! I think the bag has to be tried on to determine comfort.
  12. Mine wasn't delivered today - must be a new fed ex guy and he didn't leave it w/out signature!! I'll have to leave a note tomorrow --
  13. Wow I just received mine - I love it! Years ago I had a backpack purse in the damier but sold it - I love it so much! Especially because it doesn't scream monogram (which I like on others) - yet it's fun and spunky - it does fit on my shoulder w/out a coat, but because the handles aren't flat I wouldn't make that a habit - I like to hand carry anyway myself...I love the size....and the cell pocket!
  14. Thats great news :smile:

    Glad to hear you love your new purchase.