Damier Saleya Owners...Please Read!

  1. I need the help of all the damier saleya owners, please! I have a saleya pm which is maybe two months old and I noticed that one of the brown leather tabs on the side of the zipper top is fraying A LOT :crybaby: The other is wearing normally. Does anyone else have this problem? I hate to bring it back to the store, but if it is a defect, I guess I should. Can you lovely ladies please check your bags? Thanks and here are some pics....
    shred2.JPG shredbottom.JPG shredtag.JPG
  2. Hmmmm, I have one that I bought in March, and it isn't doing that. both sides just look like normal leather. yours does look extra-fuzzy!
  3. It looks as if your leather was untreated or something like that. Perhaps you ought to bring it back to LV and have a manager check it out for you.

    I had the same problem with the drawstring of my Sac a Dos GM denim backpack and the manager temporarily substituted it with one from a Noe.

    I was ultimately unhappy with it so he gave me store credit which I am applying to a Cruise Collection handbag soon!

    Good luck!
  4. I'd bring it back to the store and see what they say. :sad:
  5. I was so worried after reading your post, I went to look at the tabs on my Saleya GM right away. Mine are untreated on the back, but definitely not fraying:
  6. Oops, my pictures didn't show up - try again:
    HPIM3978.JPG HPIM3979.JPG
  7. Thanks for your replies, everyone!

    Sue...thank you SO much for taking those pics :yes: Yours look perfect...my normal one looks like yours. Oh well, guess I'll have to bring it back.
  8. I would definetly take it in!!!!!!!
  9. Well, I brought the bag back to the LV store today and the manager that knows me wasn't there, but another manager looked at the tab and said it definitely wasn't a defect. She said that they would replace it (the tab) no charge if it bothered me, but they would need the bag for 4 to 6 weeks :wtf: And she thought that it would happen again even with a new tab. After she walked away, I asked my SA what she thought and she said she had seen this fraying happen before as the tabs are untreated on the back...not to worry about it.

    So, maybe its because I use the bag everyday? I don't know...I guess I will just cut off the stragly ends:shrugs:
  10. yikes, i would call the store and address your concern to the manager who knows you. If it's 'normal' then why the other tab does not fray like a rug?? perhaps there's another LV you can ask? Good Luck!
  11. I looked at mine and they still look normal, not fraying like yours. I hope the fraying is not normal because that would really suck! :sad: I would definitely talk to the manager that knows you and get his opinion. I would also call the guest services for Louis Vuitton as well just to get their input as well. Good luck!:s
  12. my mono speedy tag is like yours except it is the vachette not the dark brown daimer and I assumed that this was normal...it is the tag that says LV made in france...it bugs me too...
  13. mine on my speedy does it to alittle but not as bad...but mine does it where the lock is...but it doesnt really bother me to much
  14. Thanks for your responses everyone :yes:

    daffyduck...good idea :idea: I just called the 866 number and an amazing rep is having me email the pics to her and she will forward them to quality control and get back to me tomorrow. Yay! Even if they say it is normal, I will feel better about it since I spoke to them. And it really isn't a big deal...its a gorgeous bag and I still love it :love: I will update when I hear something further.

    Oh, I think my SA felt sorry for me today...she gave me a huge new catalog which has all the lines in it!
  15. I sure hope everything works out. Can't wait to hear what they say after seeing your pics. :smile: