Damier Saleya Owners.. I need your help

  1. I have a question to the experts here regarding saleya pm. I was at the boutique Tuesday night and trying on some purses. I had my eye on damier saleya pm. I notice that it had a d-ring on it but my friend who owns saleya pm (she stated she bought it around Jan 2006) did not have a d-ring on it. Aside from that hers look good as far as red lining, stamp and pattern goes.

    Now, I know she buys authentic LV. So my question, is there a difference between the saleya pm now and the one from last year? Did the damier saleya pm before did not have d-ring? I hate to think that her purse is fake because I know that she buys authentic stuff. Thanks in advance.
  2. I bought mine in Aug 2006 and it does NOT have a D-ring. Last month I was at LV looking at pochettes. The SA told me I can attach it to my bag. I showed her that my bag did not have one. The manager was with us and she said that LV just recently started puttin D-rings in the PM size.

    So hers is most likely real afterall.:smile:
  3. Oh cool! Thanks for the info! :yahoo:
  4. yup- i have the mm and bought mine last year- no d ring either.
  5. I tried one on last week and the SA said they're going to be putting the longer handles on the PM in August (I think he said August).
  6. I bought a Sayela PM in January in damier from elux, then bought one in azur in Feb from a boutique. The azur one had a d-ring and the one from elux in regular damier didn't. I called elux and was told they started putting d-ring in the Saleya PMs in June 2006 (My bag was made in April 2006.) They exchanged it for me and I got one with a d-ring.