Damier Saleya MM

  1. Okay I need help!!! I have been lusting over the Damier Saleya MM for months now. Is there anyone out there that has it and can give me some help if I should get it? Is is deep enough, does it fit on the shoulder? I want to make sure that I am choosing the right bag before I spend so much money on one!!!! TIA!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Yes, it fits on the shoulder! There are many many threads on the Saleya mm-if you do a search (the button is right beside the sites logo) you will find them!:smile:
  3. I have an Azur Saleya MM and it is perfect. It fits on my shoulder and it is a perfect size. I tend to carry a ton my junk in my purses.

  4. I don't have this bag, but love it (in the PM size). I've tried it on and found it to be very comfortable. I love the zip-top!