Damier Saleya MM or Monogram Cabas Mezzo

  1. I would like to buy a bag with zip to put in my shoes and etc. Currently I have Monogram papillon 25 and Tulum PM.

    Which 1 will you choose?
  2. Saleya MM is my vote!:yes:
  3. Saleya vote here too!
  4. Saleya! I love Damier.
  5. I have both and Saleya MM looks more polished IMO.

    But just get both!!
  6. Saleya!!!
  7. Saleya! There are new longer handles, too, so you can put it over your shoulder. And you don't have to worry about the vachetta bottom...also, even though the Saleya is shorter than the Mezzo, it's a bit wider and not as streamlined...
  8. LOL!! I think that's a good answer!!! BOTH!
  9. saleya. :yes:
  10. Thank you all! I will get the Saleya MM!
  11. the saleya is a great choice! nice shape and look, and the beautiful soft red lining ^_^
  12. I say Saleya as well. Gorgeous!
  13. I say, the saleya, its a great functional piece and not to heavy with easy to carry straps!
  14. Saleya- it's beautiful in person!
  15. My friend just called and said she got me Damier Saleya MM and Papillon 30!! I cannot wait to see them!