Damier Saleya and Handles

  1. I'm vacationing in L.A. and on the way to meet friends for dinner I run into an LV store. I did not have much time since I had dinner plans, but I managed to try on the Damier Saleya PM only. I love the size of the bag, but the handles were a problem! It would not stay on the crook of my shoulder well, and I wasn't sure if it was because the handles are rolled or size issues. I am able to wear my pochette w/o an extender, although, slightly snug. Do you think it's better to go with MM with the longer handles(although I prefer the PM bag size) or are there problems keeping the bag on your shoulder with all the sizes? Unfortunately, I don't have time to go back to the store since I'll be flying home soon, and I don't live very close to an LV store. Any advice would be appreciated!
  2. em i find the PM handles fine, but if they keep slipping off then yeh i say get the MM, good luck! x
  3. :yes: Gotta agree with Luva Pug, the MM is better. I suppose its best to get a bag too big than one thats too small *Shrug*
  4. Maybe the bag will sit better on your shoulder once you fill it with stuff...once there's some weight holding it down? - just a thought (I've never tried putting this bag on though)
  5. No, the handles are very short for the shoulder is all. I can hold it up for a moment myself.
  6. Do you mean the handles are short for all the saleya sizes?
  7. MM and GM have the same handle size which is longer than the PM size
  8. i tried on the azur saleya mm today and was quite dissapointed. the outer handle strap kept falling off my shoulder :confused1:
    does this happen to other tpfers?
    i tried the tucking method, but since it has rolled handles it was tougher to do than with bags with flat handles (like cabas piano for example).
  9. I was told by an SA that they're going to lengthen the handles after August. I am going to wait until then to get one.
  10. Handles are the same as on the lockit H, you put he outside handle under the other and they stay on your shoulder. Or perhaps you need the mm because the handles on the pm are too short for your shoulder.
  11. I have a lockit H, it has the samae handles I tuck the otter handle under the other and it stays no problem :smile: