Damier Rift or Mono danube

  1. Hello everybody I am thinking about buying the damier rift I wonder is someone of you has it and could tell me if it is a good idea to get one or if it is better to get a danube ???
    I serched for the Rift on eBay but there is none listed :s
    A little help pls :heart:
    thank U !!
  2. ops I forgots does somebody has pictures of a Rift more of the ones in the vuitton page pls pls
  3. I don't own neither one of them but I just checked the dimension for both...Danude- 6L x 8H x 2w
    Rift- 6.3Lx 5.5Hx 1.8w
    The Rift is a bit smaller...someone own the MC Rift but I forgot who:Push:
  4. I have a MC Rift. Its a nice size that holds my cell phone, wallet, and a business card older. Its good for travelling. And I wear it across the body for handsfree shopping. I'm very pleased with my MC Rift. I would definitely buy a Damier Rift, if you don't carry a lot. And if wearing it across the body is your style. But you can adjust the strap to be a shoulder strap. The strap is thin across the body that it looks good across the body. And I want to buy a cosy purse (small wallet) for this Rift. And the Danube, I prefer the look of the Rifts over the Danube. Just my opinion. :yes:
  5. damier rift! in my opinion, the danube is too long to wear across your body...
  6. i was aiming for the damier rift sometime ago too.
  7. damier rift
  8. Was there any pics of anyone wearing the rift? I can't find anything...(either the damier or MC). Thanks~
  9. thank you guys nop
    and I didn´t find any pictures I have seen the danube IRL but nor the rift yet
    I think I willgo for the rift it will be my first piece that is not monogram canvas
  10. I :heart: the Rift.
  11. I LOVE LOVE the Damier Rift (and the matching Ludlow wallet)..I am thinking about buying these two but I wonder if the red microfiber will bleed like the problem w/ the red textile lining in the new Damier speedy. Anyone have this problem w/the rift at all?? Thanks
  12. Rift....
  13. Rift.
  14. Have you considered the Mini Lin Danube?
    IMO, it looks better than Monogram Danube.
  15. Hi
    I tried on the Mini Lin Danube, and it is better in the darker color than the Mono. I agree, but I still prefer the Rift size. I found the danube was 'too deep' - guess I'm just used to my Rift :shame:

    But I thought I would post a pic of me wearing my Rift. I just took a pic today. :yes: IMO - the rift is the bag for me over danube.
    1_Pearl_Rift.jpg 2_Pearl_Rift.jpg
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