Damier riberia or alma?

It depends on how much you want to carry in your bag (if you intend to use this bag for "everything"). Here are the dimensions of the ribera MM: it is approximately 13.5x8x7.5". The size should help give you a better idea on what suits your everyday needs.
Depends on how much you carry. I bought a Ribera MM and returned it for a Manhattan PM b/c it was so friggin' huuuuge! I felt like I was on my way to the airport every time I carried it but maybe it's b/c I was so petite and it seemed to overwhelm me. I think it also depends on your frame. I like the Alma but yes, it is dressier. If you don't mind big bags, then go for the Ribera. I just love the shape but couldn't pull it off.
I am 5'5 and do like big bags-I have an epi,black speedy 30 that I adore, I don't rotate my bags, but do want the damier to wear everyday with my mostly jeans attire as I am a chemist and dress in lab coat daily. I'm really ALMOST SOLD ON THE RIBERIA , PLEASE MORE COMMENTS!
I looove the Ribera Mini but if it is a choice between Ribera MM and Alma, I would say go for the Alma b/c it is less bulky. The top of the alma is quite flat and gradually gets bigger...whereas the Ribera is one overall large piece if you know what I mean. The good thing about the Ribera is that you don't see it often though. The resale is not as good as an Alma b/c the Alma is in higher demand from what I have noticed on eBay.