Damier: Ribera MM or Speedy

  1. I don't have Damier yet so I am trying to decide what I want. I have 3 speedys should I just wait until next month to get the damier speedy or should I just buy the Ribera MM??
  2. Since you have 3 speedies already, you should go for the ribera MM for a change. Then get the damier speedy later. ;)
  3. Agree!
  4. I think the Riberra mini is almost like the Speedy, slightly different in shape. The advantage is that it doesn't sag. It holds alot. I have it and i'm loving it.
  5. RIBERA!!!:love:
  6. Ribera MM
  7. Ribera!
  8. Ribera hands down!
  9. If you dont mind that the Ribera is so structured, I'd say go for that. Its lots bigger than a speedy 25, and about the same as a 30. Its a tad on the big size for a lot of people though. The speedy is easier to carry IMHO.
  10. Ribera :love: It looks so good in Damier.
  11. the ribera it is I just ordered it from eluxury thanks girls
  12. I love my Ribera MM, try something new :amuse: ! Here's a pic to tempt you :smile: !
    (18) Louis Vuitton Damier Ribera MM - 925.JPG
  13. I would go for the Ribera.
  14. remember to post pics once you get it!
    great choice with the ribera
  15. Ribera! :nuts: