Damier Ribera Mini Pic? Help please...

  1. Hello Girls~ Does anyone have a picture of themselves holding this bag? I searched the thread for LV poses and couldn't find one:confused1:

    Thanks if someone could provide a picture... I want to look at that versus the Daier speedy:yahoo: my next big purchase after the new year:nuts:

    Oh and I just broke my ban just a little I did...I purchased this: OOPS;)
    eBay: AUTHENTIC LOUIS VUITTON WHITE MULTICOLORE POCHETTE CLES (item 150057038322 end time Nov-16-06 17:06:08 PST)
  2. i don't have a pic but i think it's too small to be carried on the crook of ur arm....i mean the handles are the same size as speedy damier but the actual bag is pretty small so it most perfect as a small handheld bag--> rather a different style from speedy damier :smile:
  3. I find it ironic that it is more expensive than the speedy and it is smaller? I tried it on...but another visual reference would be helpful. Thanks everyone for your help:yes:
  4. heres some pix comparing me holding the ribera mini to the speedy 25.
    im kinda petite (5'3'') so its the perfect size for me to hold on the crook of my arm

    hope this helps!
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg
  5. oops sorry duplicate reply!

  6. Oh It does! Thank you so much! and you are too cute!:yes: with your bags!
  7. I want one Damier Azur speedy 25 too. So Cute, and u 2!!! (you were in Chicago, welcome.)
  8. Somehow this doesn't seem very accidental; I'm disappointed. ;) :graucho: Just kidding, CONGRATS!

    I hope you get the ribera...it's really cute!
  9. thanks! what did u decide?
  10. The bag is so cute I saw a lady in wholefoods once with it. It's more expensive than speedy, I guess it's harder to make due to its shape. Took the pic from my LV bible for you:

  11. By the way, congrats on your new cles..it's pretty!

  12. You look great with your bags..
  13. It's a darling bag :love: , small but so cute. I had one & returned it to get something else that I wanted more at the time. I plan on getting another eventually. Here's a pic that I took of it with the Damier Speedy 25. I think it's perfect to wear to parties, luncheons, showers, & special occasions when you need a dainty bag. Hope you get it. :love:
    Damier (2).jpg