damier recoleta

  1. Hi can anyone tell me what fits inside this bag thanks
  2. the measurements are 10.4" L x 4.7" H x 2.7" W , perhaps koala change purse? definitely not bulky item.
  3. does anyone have a pic of what they fit inside theirs thanks!
  4. Anyone?:confused1:
  5. no pic but i can comfortablly fit my cell, evening wallet and camera (canon from about 2 years ago) along with loose lipstick.
  6. Thanks I think it should be perfect for what I carry
  7. I usually carry my porte monnaie plat, CC holder, cell phone, lip gloss, hand cream, swiss army knife, pill case, and cles in there.
  8. can you use this for formal evening affairs??
  9. I have, I don't see why not?
  10. thanks karman!
  11. Hi there,

    I post a picture of what I usually bring inside my Recoleta. I hope this helps.
    I am sure I could fit more stuff in the bag though, I just don't really like having a really stuffy bag >.<