damier ravello pm or black epi pochette???

  1. hi girls...can you please help me in choosing an evening purse?? which one is better??...i need something for special occasions...weddings, dinner, etc.

    thanks in advance :smile:
  2. Ok to me the Epi pochette is top on the list.It's classy, always in fashion and very versatile.It goes with everything.On the other hand the Ravello is more casual looking (if you don't want something very serious) and seems to have more capacity inside.
  3. thanks!!! :smile:
  4. I do prefer the black epi pochette more than the Ravello PM, although I love both.
  5. epi pochette! :yes:
  6. epi pochette for sure!
  7. I'd pick Epi.:yes:
  8. epi pochette
  9. epi pochette looks really classy, but the fact that it fits next to nothing is a huge annoyance at least to me. i can maybe fit in my cell phone, keys, and perhaps a few credit cards and some cash...definitely no wallet. i barely use mine now because i have to extract everything i need from my wallet and bag to put in there and then put it back when i get back.
  10. i prefer the black epi pochette :smile:
  11. I love the epi pochette.
  12. Epi pochette for sure! Epi lasts forever and the pochette is such a classic.
  13. hey M!! -- epi pochette :smile: go go go!!! hihihihih
  14. I have both and frankly, for an evening out, the epi pochette will serve you much better than the ravello pm.

    i always see the ravello pm as more of a "day" bag...if you know what I mean. Good luck! :p
  15. Epi pochette. It looks so beautiful and classy especially when the extender is added. I need a pochette too and I had this one in mind. Good luck with your decision and let us know what you decide.