Damier Question

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  1. I always thought it was brown with black. Looking on e-lux, it looks light brown/dark brown?

    Would you wear this bag with a black outfit? I wanted to buy a damier pap. as an alternative bag to wear when I'm wearing black.

    Can any of you ladies clarify this for me?
  2. It is brown and dark brown. I would wear it with black.
  3. Thanks. I think I might save up some bucks to get something in the EPI line instead. (that is if I can wait that long!)
  4. Damier looks very nice with black. The dam. pap. that you're considering will be perfect.:smile:
  5. ITA. It actually has black on the background.:yes: Picture 299.jpg
  6. Oh. I definitely need to take a trip to the LV boutique. I never thought I liked the pap. but after seeing so many of you ladies on this site, I think it looks fabulous!
  7. I barely noticed this the other day... For work I wear a white dress shirt, tie, black socks/shoes, and black pants.

    So I was getting dressed and standing in front of the mirror. I pulled out my Damier Pocket Agenda out of my pocket and loved how it looked against black. :biggrin:
  8. thanks guys! You have clarified this for me. I also think it will look great with black.
  9. I'm glad it looks good with black. I just got a black coat and I was worried it was a bad choice because the majority of my bags are damier
  10. If you click on the picture Lee69 attached, you can see that the background does in fact have black in it. I think it will look great with your black coat.
  11. Most of my sweaters and shirts are black or brown and carry Damier Pap30 all them time.
  12. i will never forget Marc Jacobs being a guest on Oprah and him saying how he thought brown and black were so elegant together so I think he would give his blessing to wearing the dam. w/ a black outfit. Despite all I just said though, lol, I wear my novacheck burberry wilsham w/ the black patent leather trim when I wear black, but if I were wearing both black and brown hmmmm...
  13. damier looks great with black...and i think they made azur so it would look good with white!
  14. It looks good w/ Black and Grey too:nuts: