damier question

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  1. i just got my damier trousse from let-trade (yay!). the piping at the bottoms show some wear as does the zipper pull and some of the hardware is a little faded. do you think the piping can be replaced from lv? i know i need to go in and i don't think it would be too much to just replace the zipper pull but i'm wondering if anyone know what it would cost to replace the piping. has anyone ever done that? thanks!
  2. ooh- also wanted to ask- how do you clean damier? i got a little makeup on it and i wanted to know: baby wipes? water and a cloth? thanks
  3. Baby wipes should work.
  4. take the bag to LV and the SAs will have a list of all the repairs that can be done to a bag (sorted by style: mono, damier, epi, etc) and how much they will cost.

    and baby wipes will be fine on damier, i do it all the time.

  5. i am going to take it in i just wondered if anyone here knew first.

    one more question- over time does the "louis vuitton paris" text fade? it's sort of hard to read on mine :sad: