damier question

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  1. I just bought a damier ebene speedy 30 and I was wondering...
    are they pretty durable? For example, if it is raining and the leather gets a little wet, will it get messed up? or will it just wipe off and not stain?
  2. Damier, Damier Azur, and Monogram Canvas are very durable as they are a very resistant coated canvas.

    If you're caught up in the rain with a Damier bag, just try to not get the bag too too wet and dry the leather off as soon as you can.
  3. good!

    thanks john 5
  4. Yes - very durable!
    congrats on your new bag :smile:
  5. congrats with your new Damier :tup: Yes, I agree with John.
  6. i agree with john - i own a damier speedy and it's very low maintenance. if it rains, i try to cover it as much as i can, esp the handles, the canvas is very easy to maintain just make sure to wipe it every now and then :smile:
  7. thanks for the answers!