Damier Question

  1. Ok - I feel like a fool but I am going to ask it anyway!

    I have just brought the damier cosmetic pouch from LV in Leedsand this is my first damier piece. You know the bit where Louis Vuitton Paris is imprinted on the damier - should this be completely block.

    This is kind of hard to explain but the writing is kind of patchy as if it has rubbed off a bit - is this normal? The zip has a scratch too and I am wondering whether this is a return...

  2. if you're not happy with it, return it for another!
  3. I agree, it should be clear, just exchange it.
  4. Maybe it's better that you go immediatly to the LV store !! :smile:
    (I would do the same)
  5. Can you take a picture? I would most likely return it and go back but I'm curious to see what you are referring to.
  6. Actually, the type on authentic Damier is indeed faint, not heavily or clearly printed. I bet yours is just fine.

    Fakes are the pieces likely to have crystal-clear type on Damier.
  7. Really? This is the thing - I have a feeling it is normal. And will feel like a fool if I go back to the Store if it is just the way it is!

    I can't take a picture as my camera is bust at the mo - SO keeps promising to get a new one!

    Can anyone please take a picture of the square concerned - or check theres?? It is just a little faint and not clear if that makes sense:confused1:
  8. I assure you that faint type is correct, Rachel. You could simply call your LV and ask about this, and ask the store manager (who is the most knowledgeable person on staff, not the regular SA). Damier type is unusual in this respect.

    It's one good way that fakers fail...they blow it on the type.
  9. Thanks - that is good to know - I am just stressing over it I guess!:rolleyes:
  10. I would return it and get a new one instead.
  11. get a new one :tup:
  12. Those who say get a new one: Have you seen authentic Damier? If you have, you will know that any new bag will have the same, faint-ish type. She can exchange for other reasons, but to see different type, she cannot find that on an authentic new Damier bag.
  13. i used to buy a lv wallet n the print wasnt realli clear n looks faded i went back n exchange it.
  14. The "LOUIS VUITTON PARIS" in the Damiers is a little bit "faded". The best I could decribe it, is that it looks like it has minute dots on the letters themselves. See pic. Now, if it was peeling off then that's a different story.
  15. ^^^^^^^^
    Could be from the rough grain of the canvas doing that...