Damier PTI or Pomme D'Amour PTI or Pochette Wallet

  1. Some of you may know that I had just purchased my first Damier piece (Duomo) and first Vernis piece (cles - Pomme D'Amour). I 'NEED' a wallet to use with this bag and I am torn between the Damier PTI and Vernis PTI or Pochette Wallet.

    I know the Damier PTI will be around and I can get at a later date, so I thought go with the Vernis; however, I can be careless at times and wouldn't want to scratch it up?

    I am sooo undecided.....would love your opinion....TIA:p
  2. I feel your pain in trying to decide among three gorgeous things. The LV fanatic in me says to get all three (hehehe), but I would go with the Vernis wallet in pomme d' amour now. From what I've heard about the vernis, it should take the abuse of being in and out of your bag. Just imagine that TDF red wallet coming out of your TDF Duomo.... wow!

    I like to match my wallet with my bag, but in this case that pomme d' amour color takes precedence over my matchy-matchy tendencies!:p
  3. I don't like matchy-matchy, I think its too boring :shame:, so I'd say go for a vernis wallet, or maybe multicolor.
  4. ITA- go for the beauuutiful Pomme D'Amour!! It will look so nice against your gorgeous Damier bag.
  5. Pomme D'Amour!!:yahoo:
  7. Ooooh you guys got me thinking !!! I'm hoping to pick up a Duomo in the next month or two .. was considering a Damier Koala to go with it, but that Pomme d'Amour coming out of the Duomo .... LOLOLOL I wonder if they'd let me practice doing that a few times at the LV Boutique to see how that feels? .. that may be a pretty great combo idea you guys have there! I might borrow that idea if you dont mind :smile:
  8. ^^Thank you!! Its the prettiest wallet I've ever owned:heart:!!!!!
  9. OKAY....You've all convinced me! I've decided on the Pomme D'Amour. Now, shall I get the PTI or the Pochette Wallet? I don't see the Pochette Wallet on elux, so I'm not sure what it retails. Does anyone know? I believe the PTI is $605...
  10. How about pochette wallet in Damier Azur? :graucho:

  11. The Duomo is TO DIE FOR!!!!!:yes: I am not too fond of the interior though...., but still love it!
  12. Is it the red microfiber interior? Just trying to remember, thats what I have in my Saleya MM and I dont mind it -- I'm just wondering about the stiffness of opening and closing the bag to get stuff in and out -- other than that its the most divine handbag!!! You've really got me going adding the vermis accessories to it! Looks divine!
  13. It is the microfiber.... I have only had it for a couple of days. The opening IS stiff, but from what I understand, it will soften up in time.... The opening doesn't open as wide as I hoped, it is similar to a speedy...