Damier Portobello

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  1. Was this bag really made? I've tried to do a search but came up with nothing...

  2. Is it an old or new model?
  3. Based on the shape, I'm taking it's an older model. You don't really see bags in that shape now-a-days.
  4. John, that is actually the one I was referring to. I was going to post under 'Authenticate This' but I figured if I asked if it was ever made, I can go from there... So, I take it that it was made???
  5. Hmmm... not really sure. The name DOES sound familiar though. I'll call my 866 tomorrow to confirm since my SA is off tomorrow.
  6. Yes, it was made. I checked my catalogs and its in the 99 and 2002 catalogs but the next one I have is 2004 and it isn't in there. I would just ask for the date code, if it looks good (shouldn't be '04 or later) than I would think it was authentic. It looks good from what I know of damier.
  7. I also checked their feedback, they don't have recent transactions but I recognize some of the sellers in their feedback as trusted LV resellers, that is always a good sign!
  8. If you do decide to get it or check for the authenticity, please also ask for a pic of the button closure, Damier square that reads "Louis Vuitton Paris", trademark heat stamp, and a pic of the date code like luvshopping90 stated.
  9. Thanks everyone!
  10. yes it was an auathentic bag it is a map bag for travelling I thinking the back is clear placstic so you can see you map. I almost bought one from a store a couple of years ago it was discontinued sometime ago.

    BUT they do make fakes one's too take care