Damier Portefeuille Accordeon

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  1. im getting a wallet, & im thinking of getting the louis vuitton damier portefeuille accordeon. do you guys think it looks good? and is it good for guys?
  2. The Portefeuille Accordeon looks gorgeous but I think it's a bit feminine.. Hmm... How about the Brazza Wallet in Damier Graphite? Watcha think?

  3. I prefer the Multiple, it's so gorgeous :love:
  4. i like BRAZZA.
  5. i love the accordeon in taiga and it's truly a man's wallet!
  6. so the damier accordeon is not good? cos i am a bt feminine myself. well im gay haha & i just dont want a womens wallet. so its a no go? cause im going to lv tomrorw and im not sure what to get yet.
  7. I say get whichever one you like! I would get the Brazza, but that's me! The style of the Accordeon is a button closure whereas the Brazza is not. The Accordeon is really cute with the chain! Get the Accordeon, it seems you really like it! Either one would be great for a guy!
  8. haha i agree i kinda like the brazza now hmmmm haha. is the damier graphite out already? tough decision!
  9. Yup! The Graphite's out now.. Brazza's $500.. So you've made up your mind? ;)
  10. haha well i guess its between those two, but the real decision will be tomrorw S:
  11. Well, good luck then! I'm so excited for you! Don't forget to post some pics!:wlae:
  12. solike i really wanted the accordeon & the brazza but they didn't have the brazza, sold out :/ and my mom said the accordeon is too long for me :sad: i will get the accordeon later though >:smile: so instead i just got an average brown damier multipleeee
  13. I have the mono accordeon wallet and love it. I looked at the damier accordeon when I got it and thought it looked a little too masculine for me, so I think it would be fine for a man. I think anything in Damier is fine for a man.
  14. yeah i really want the accordeon :/
  15. I think the accordeon in damier is unisex.