Damier Porte Monnaie Koala pix!

  1. Hi all. I went to the LV boutique in Boston yesterday. One fun item caught my eye. While lots of other things were nice, this is the item I had to buy: Damier Porte Monnaie Koala! :heart::heart:

    It has less space than a Ludlow, but since I carry a Pocket Organizer for several CCs, little annoying store cards, and Dunkin Donuts coupons, I don't need a lot of space for change, a bit of cold hard cash, my driver's license, AAA & health cards.

    damierkoalamini.jpg DamierKoalainterior.jpg

    I also purchased a 2007 refill for my small agenda.

    Just wanted to share the Damier wallet because I can't remember seeing any on the PF. It's cuter than cute.
  2. very pretty, congrats! :biggrin:
  3. this is so cute!!! i love the koala, especially in damier.
  4. Congrats - it's adorable ! :yes:
  5. so cute congrat's :yahoo:
  6. luv it!
  7. it's so cute...makes me want a koala too....(my heart is set on the tresor wallet) =)
  8. :heart: :heart: Gongrats!
  9. The Koala is adorable! Congrats!
  10. :nuts: Congrats! Don't you just love the red interior:love:
  11. Oh this card wallet is absolutely fab isn't it? I've been eyeing it for 2 months now.. but I'm trying to wait until October to either get that, the koala agenda, or an inclusion bracelet.

    CONGRATS on the new purchase! It is really nice! :love:
  12. I love this. I want one too!!!
  13. So cute!
  14. That is so cute. I am thinking of purchasing one ...how do you find using it?? I don't like bulky wallets at all:yes:
  15. Damier is wonderful!!! love it!
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