Damier pocket Agenda question

  1. Does the damier pocket agenda come with the refil or do I have to buy it? I'm ordering it with in the week and I dont want to order a new refill if it comes with it.
  2. I was told that none of the agendas come with the inserts those are seperate.
  3. You can always double check when you place your order. If you're ordering by internet, elxury has a live webchat. I envy you, enjoy the agenda!
  4. Technically the inserts are seperate. Depending on how much you are buying (if you are in the store), sometimes the SA will throw them in....if you are just buying the agenda you will probably have to pay for the insert.
  5. The Pocket Agenda refills were $42 last time I checked. :yes:
  6. the only thing that comes with an insert is the carnet de bal, it comes with a little address book......
  7. Sorry no inserts come with it-i didn't get any, b/c I'm using mine for a checkbook holder and can hold 3 credit cards. I love it-its very durable and classy looking.