Damier pochette vs. illovo pm

  1. The title may not be appropriate for this but anyway...

    I'm definitely getting the new damier pochette but I'm also thinking of getting illovo pm or mm but I don't know which one. I was also thinking of getting damier speedy 25 at one point. So basically my problem is that if I buy both pochette and speedy 25 should I get illovo pm or mm? Size wise illovo pm is quite close to pochette and mm to speedy 25 I guess. When I'll see them in real life I'll probably be able to make a decision but if anyone understood what I mean and has an opinion I'll appreciate your input! :yes:
  2. hello, how if you match:
    damier speedy25 + illovo PM OR
    illovo MM + damier pouchette ( is it navona? )
  3. If I was u, I'll choose Damier Speedy25 + Illovo PM ;-D
  4. I'm pretty sure I will want all three of them eventually, so only two is not an option. I just don't know whether to get the small or the big illovo.
  5. i love my illovo mm. i think it's a great size- not too big and not to small. i never tried on the pm- only saw it once from far away but it looks a little small to me. then again i'm a solid girl. lol
  6. I think you should get the MM. Although the capacity is closer to the Speedy, at least you can wear it on your shoulder.

    If you get the PM (capacity is closer to the Pochette), you can still wear it on your shoulder but the Pochette already serves as a small shoulder bag.
  7. i would get the speedy + the pochette..just my 0.02..i think the illovo is great..but somehow it didnt look good on my shoulder..
  8. Same here :yes: I got the Illovo MM and it was kinda awkward on my shoulder,so I took it back and got the Roxbury Drive instead plus the SA in OR pointed out the sharp edges/corners of the bag.