Damier Piano VS Mezzo?!

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  1. I just noticed the piano in damier was made to order several years ago and love it!! My only dilemma is, should I get the piano or mezzo? She would be preloved if course and want to use functionally for everyday. I heard the mezzo may be a bit big? I'd be fitting my iphone, iPad mini, suhali full zip, possibly sunglasses, keys, mints, lipgloss....

  2. I have the cabas mezzo 2011 edition in mono. It is lovely, but big. It fits a 13" laptop, files, water bottle, etc. also because of the solid bottom it does not smoosh down when empty like a NF does. Beautiful bag though. :smile: I think the 2011 version is the same as previous ones...
  3. Piano is fine for what you say you will carry. There is a huge difference between the Piano and the Mezzo. The Piano could fit inside the Mezzo! Google images and you will see. I used to own the Piano...in fact, it was my first LV. Found it too small and sold it. Angelina Joile has both bags!
  4. I have a Mono Piano and a DE Mezzo. Depends on your height and how much you carry, they both are nice. I like the Mezzo more since there's more room for my shoulder and big arm.
  5. Thanks guys!! Hmmm tough decisions.....
  6. I'm 5'3" and don't want the Mezzo to look funny...
  7. Images for you to show size difference.

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  8. I guess it'll be the Cabas Piano then. :P
  9. Thank you so much!! Hmmmm now comes the hard part! :/
  10. Darn! :P :smile:
  11. I like that I can fit my macbook air into the Mezzo as well.....Hmmmmm Sigh....

  12. I'm 5'5" and the Mezzo is not too big at all. I think the NF GM is bigger than the Mezzo. You might as well get the Mezzo.
  13. Thanks!! I'm thinking that too... :smile:
  14. Mezzo
  15. Piano