Damier Pattern

  1. Hi. My name is Jasmine. I do not currently own a LV but I believe I will very soon. I am currently studying to become an interpreter of the deaf. I will be taking my state exam in a few weeks which has me very nervous but the bright end of this is my mother has offered to buy me a designer bag as a gift for taking my exam. What an incentive right :sweatdrop:

    I am pretty sure I am going to go with an LV. I own Coach bags right now which I love but I would love something different this time since its a gift.

    I am not a fan of the LV Monogram collection but love the Damier pattern. I like the Azur more but heard from someone on this forum in another section that the Azur pattern transfers onto other things. Is this true? Should I go for the Ebony color instead?

    I am debating between these two bags



    And the Speedy 25

    I love that the Berkley is a bit different looking though the price is much higher then the Speedy of course. My mom is the one who isn't as big of a fan of the Speedy since she heard it sags if not filled up though I think I read you can buy something to place inside the bag to stop that from happening.

    I appreciate any input from all you more versed LV bag owners since I am rather new to them still. Thanks!
  2. Berkley!
  3. Both are great bags, I saw the Berkeley last time I was in my LV store and I really fell in loved with it, I wanted to grab it for my mom but I couldnt get it at the time. I think you would be very pleased with it, if you do a search there are a few wonderful ladies who own the bag and have taken great pics.
  4. OMG get the Berkeley! I love Speedies, but Berkeley definitely wins my vote. Have you tried on both bags already? I saw the Berkeley in the store as well, and LOVED it! It really stands out!

    As for color transfer, I haven't had any problems with Azur. It might get dirty from time to time, but it is very easy to clean and so durable!
  5. I LVOE Damier, and have the Speedy 30 in both colors. You don't say where you live. I live in a climate with four seasons, and for me, the Azur is a warm-weather pattern. I carry the Ebene (dark brown) Damier in the winter months. Both are GORGEOUS and I don't think there is any transfer issue with the Azur.

    As for Speedy vs. Berkeley, the Speedy is CLASSIC! I personally love the sag, so that doesn't bother me in the least. I think its part of the charm and elegance of the Speedy, actually. Do you like very structured bags? Then go for the Berkeley. Do you need to have a shoulder bag? Then go for the Berkeley. Some have said that the Berkeley is a bit uncomfortable under the shoulder, with those wide sides. Its all a matter of taste and what feel/look you prefer! Have fun making your decision.:yes:
  6. My vote is the Berkeley, stunning!
  7. Berkeley
  8. Azur speedy!! Just buy a purseket....it will eliminate some of the sag.
  9. I say the Berkeley in ebene!
  10. I personally prefer the Speedy in Azur...I only like the Berkely in Ebene.
  11. hi jasmin welcome to the forum, the best bag to start your collection is berkely 100% thats a great choice
  12. I love the Speedy-- simpler, and goes with anything. I'm not a fan of the trimmings and big plate on the Berkeley-- though I'm in the minority, and it has a cute shape. It depends on whether you want something very structured or not as structured. There is also a big price difference.

    p.s. I have three Speedy 25s and I never worry about sag like with my 30!
  13. i personally don't like the berkely; it's too much for me.

    i have the damier speedy 25. right now it's about 1/2 full & it doesn't sag a bit. but if your worried about it then they sell bases at speedyshaper.com but i'm sure you could find something similar to use. i was honestly never a fan of the speedy & didn't understand all the hype about them but i got it to use in the rain & i love it now.
  14. Hi Jasmine (love your name btw!) ... first of all good luck on your test!

    That's so nice of your Mom to buy you your first LV, wow how exciting! The Berkeley is gorgeous but kinda pricey. For that price you could buy a Speedy and a matching wallet if you preferred of course. Also did you know there's an LV almost the same as your name? The Epi Jasmin ... you should check that one out, you may like it too!
  15. Damier Speedy