Damier Pattern...old and stiff looking?

  1. So...I really adore the Damier line....but my recent experiences got me really looking at the effect of the pattern with my wardrobe...and...

    I dressed up alittle one day and carried my Damie and shopped at the local mall, I catch myself in the store windows and mirror and....I have noticed that compared to other ladies with other patterns....I seemed to sense that the pattern, although classy, looked a little bit dull on me...even old fashioned....maybe its the dark chocolate color that is doing it.....It looked a bit too stiff with the outfit too....

    Then as I am washing my car...these 3 ladies came in also...and they had the Damiers and well...they were dressed very low key and relaxed...they were older but the bag seemed to be dull looking on them too....I thought for a second that it made them look more blah.....

    Do you guys know what I mean? :s
  2. hmmmm i don't feel this way but... do you think it might have something to do with the shape of the bag, and not the pattern itself?
  3. I don't think that way at all. I think damier is quite easy to match and classy, you can dress up or down with it.
  4. Yeah, that was my first reaction too...but I have many styles and it felt the same.....I totally noticed that it lacked something that other patterns had.....like a pop or a nice visual.....It sort of made me look a bit dull, boring if you will....all I have is DAmier so this is kind of like...:wtf: :crybaby:
  5. I do agree that it matches well and it is very classy...yet it just looked a little....well....too simple and some what unflattering to me...just me I guess...:shame:
  6. ..........
  7. Gosh, I made you speechless...:lol: :P
  8. Maybe it's the mentality that it's "old and stiff" looking that kinda influence you to dress according to how it's supposed to? I'm not sure, just suggesting. :shrugs: Like you know, for example, if you think that damier is old, you'll tend to dress more mature to match the bag. You might subconsciously avoid dressing bright and bold colors, on the other hand opts for neutral and subtle colors to go with it, resulting you to look "dull and boring"? JMHO. :P What do you think?
  9. :sweatdrop:

  10. I know what you mean.....you gave me the heads up on the fact that I am a minimalist and so...this pattern helps with it and maybe looking dull visually.....making the whole thing put together a bit stiff......but I dont dress differently b/c of it though..... :s I have alot of colors too...
  11. my damier alma is HOT when I wear it.

    I think it's just a bit more understated, like an Epi might be.

    Go and see your SA and she/he might be able to help you pick another style, or suggest other ways to wear the bag

    ....i think you are from LA yes? you might have other fashion influencers there than i have her ein ny metro area.

    best !
  12. There's nothing wrong being a minimalist! As long as you feel comfortable and good about yourself. ;)

    Maybe you can try on some accessories whenever you feel like dressing up a little. Or try different color schemes when matching your outfits. Different colors do give you a different mood and look! :yes:
  13. Another good point...out here...there are so many designer bags....you might be right that in comparision...I feel a bit dull....its so funny that I just noticed it....as I was passing by just glancing quickly my reflection in the mirrors....it was a thought that popped in my head...:yucky: and now wont leave....:shrugs:
  14. I wouldn't say old and stiff at all...my avatar is me at Disney's California Adventure with my Damier Speedy.
    Maybe you can try putting a bag charm or something on your bag to liven it up a bit.
  15. (now im going to say something)

    i totally agree!! that's how my voodoo dolls come in handy :nuts: