Damier pattern and clothes

  1. Another Damier post by me.. As some of you know by now I am trying to decide if I should get a Damier Speedy. I am wondering, do you think that damier pattern goes with most clothing? Is there certain colors that you would not wear damier with? I love how my mono speedy is brown but I can still wear this with black, and I feel like with everything else. But I don't know the rules with Damier!
  2. I think the print is pretty versatile and can go with pretty much anything. I wouldn't pair it with a crazy print, though.
  3. I agree. Damier Canvas goes with almost everything. ;)
  4. I think at long as you stick with solid colors it should be fine. I ordered a damier speedy 25 via elux yesterday(so much for the ban. . .) and I plan to wear it with mainly with light/dark brown shades and with black. I usually don't wear brown purses with black, but I think the damier pattern it works out well with black too.
  5. damier looks much better with black than mono
  6. I agree with others that Damier is very versatile and can go with pretty much anything- it's very neutral IMO. I also wouldn't wear it with a loud print or very bright color (bright yellow/orange) but other than that it should be fine.
  7. I agree. I don't think mono is THAT good with black.

    Honestly I don't know what damier wouldn't work well with, perhaps pale pastelles?
  8. The base canvas for Damier is actually black. If you look closely you will see that it is black with the pattern printed over the top. That is why it looks so good with black clothes.
  9. Actually, and very weirdly, Damier looks great with black! (I was wondering about how a brown bag would look with black stuff, but it turns out that it looks fine) I haven't tried it with many other colors - my wardrobe consists of mainly black, beige and red.

    I wouldn't pair it with a floral pattern, though.
  10. :smile:....i agree! but if it's one bag that you're dying to have then just go ahead and buy it and worry about the clothes later.
  11. It is such a great neutral.
    It really does go with everything!