Damier Parioli

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  1. looking for a roomy everyday bag...
    what do you think of the parioli? (just in case i don't like the damier speedy) ;)

    found these pics at my poupette:

    Attached Files:

  2. Oh, I think it's fabulous looking! just stunning! I'm tempted to ask how much?
  3. i like that! it looks like it can hold lots of stuff! :smile:
  4. its 610 euros, which is about $800 i think.
    not that bad.
  5. Very nice!
  6. That looks really nice, I would love either that or a SO cabas mezzo as a damier tote.

    And JJ, have I ever told you how much I envy basically all Europeans for your discounted Vuitton ! You lucky girl ! ;)
  7. I really like it!

  8. yeah, i appreciate that too :smile:
    on the other hand, i have never seen the inside of a bergdorf goodman, sephora or, for that matter, taco bell.
    so you have a lot to be envious about too :smile:

    aahhh...the more i look at this bag, the more i love it.
  9. Don't worry, you're not missing out on much by never being to a Taco Bell, my brother was sick for days because of bad chicken !! :sick:
  10. that's a nice bag! i'm so looking forward to the damier speedy though...esp. after the upset of what s/s 06 line is.

  11. paris fashion week is only a few days away. i'm hoping marc jacobs came up with sth. better for f/w 06/07.
  12. Love that Damier tote. Very nice!
  13. That tote is amazing! Aw, now I have to go see it in person. And I wasn't going to buy any more bags until after my trip.
  14. I love the shape. I just wish it zipped.
  15. I have a parioli and usually hate bags that do not have a zipper. I guess its just the paranoid side of me that needs everything to be zipped up safe and tight. Surprisingly, I really like the magnatic top closure. In some way its even easier to get in and out of then a zipper yet your stuff still remains inside your purse nice and safe LOL!
    This is a great tote!