damier Parioli

  1. Does anyone have this bag?

    I'm thinking about purchasing it, but a bit on the fence- if you have it/have had it- did you find you used it a lot?
    I would be using it to tote my tiny laptop in with a notebook and maybe a small book or two.
  2. You may want to examine it in person. It is very narrow, with a narrow opening that does NOT expand. I seriously doubt you could fit all the things you listed inside. If you prefer the damier pattern, you should look at the hampstead GM if you want to use it as a tote. Also, when i wore it, I kept getting poked beneath my arm where the corner of the bag is. It's a stiff bag. That is why I no longer own it !! Here's a pic of the Hampstead. Plus the sides snap open or shut for expansion. Good luck !
  3. the parioli is probably my 2nd favorite in the damier pattern next to the marais. i wouldn't recommend it for carrying a laptop though. it is very practical, but if you plan on carrying a lot of things, why not try a messenger like the bastille?
    i still do love the parioli, it's nicely structured, the alcantara lining is a plus, and it has a concealed pocket in the front also it's not a common bag!!!
  4. i really like this style BUT the magnetic closure snaps shut really easily which makes it tough to keep it open when you're looking for things inside. the opening is thereby quite narrow and may be hard to access. just my thoughts as i considered this bag before but the opening was a deal breaker. but please check it out and see for yourself. good luck!!

  5. I agree! I think it looks like a nice bag, but the magnetic closure/opening bothered me, so I never bought it.

    How about considering a Saleya MM? Or wait for the Damier Neverfull in the fall?
  6. I have the Parioli and carried it daily until I got my Luco! Poor Parioli! It holds an amzing amount of stuff but I don't know about a laptop.
  7. i had one and returned it b/c it was a little stiff and didn't hold enuf.
    I ended getting the chelsea-and love her!'
    She holds much , probably a laptop and is a wonderful carryon as well.
    I love the brown leather bottom and sides , she is very classy.
  8. The hamsptead gm is the one I was originally planning on getting- I just found a decent deal on a paroli on eBay and it sort of changed my mind- but maybe I will just hold out and get the hampstead.

    my laptop is really tiny- like smaller than a notebook I think. so it fits in a lot of bags- but if the opening on the paroli is tiny I might not be able to fit much other than the laptop- I'll have to go check it out in person I suppose.