damier papillon or sc pm in cherry???


Jan 6, 2010
..been thinking of damier papillon as an everyday carefree bag--for short trips, errands and in times when i only need a small bag that i don't need to "baby" too much....but then, i saw in another thread that LV will be launching the sofia coppola bag in cherry..i love the sc pm in cherry...i already have the sc pm in chocolate....but now, i also want the cherry....and i also like the papillon.....

1.)should i be contented with my sc pm in chocolate and buy the papillon which i think i can use more often than the sc pm in cherry??....or..
2.)buy the sc pm in cherry so then i will have 2 sc pm bags??..and let go of the papillon (...for a while :graucho:)

..the papillon will be more useful for me..but the sc pm bag is simply gorgeous (i want a red bag)....what should i choose?


Oct 28, 2010
The price difference in those is so huge they can't even be compared! I just sold my damier ebene papillon on ebay for less than $400, (and it was MINT) so great deals are to be had, so get both! The papillon was certainly gorgeous and worry free, but my Speedy in damier ebene was just a better fit for me as a throw around so I let it go. The SC in Cherry is a dream bag for me, so I would get that, but you never know how long Papillon will be around... BOTH!