damier papillon handles uncomfortable

  1. Hello people

    I bought my new damier papillon 30 yesterday and i like it a lot! It's just I realised the handles are really hard and the edges are kinda sharp if you see what I'm saying. The handles feel like blades! My hand hurts when I carry the bag. It's really uncomfy.:sad:

    Has this ever happened to you or it's just me? Will the handles get softer after some use?

  2. I think it will get a tad softer after some use. :yes: But I think damier leather is naturally harder than mono vachetta.
  3. I've never noticed that before, actually. But yes, they do soften up.
  4. Is is uncomfortable to carry the bag on the shoulder cos it is round in shape? Does the arm rest comfortably on the bag? Also, will the things in the bag roll to one side, so that the bag when carried, will become lop-sided? I kind of like this damier bag after seeing a few carrying it on the hands..think theirs is the smaller one..
  5. OH I got a papillon 26 and I feel the same, the handles are very hard......and my arms always got marks....
  6. My damier pap 30 was the same way when I first bought it. But after some use and trips out in the rain they have softened up nicely. As others have said they will never be as soft as the naked vachetta on the mono but they definitely won't be as rough as they are now.
  7. I am not sure about wearing the 25 over your shoulder - I think you would need to have pretty thin arms/shoulders in order to do so - which I dont! :p

    Your arm wouldn't really rest on the bag comfortably. It would either stick out or crush the bag (since it is soft sided). Things defintely roll around in there but I think it depends on what you keep in it. I tend to carry a lot with me and they even out inside my 30 so I haven't noticed any lopsidedness (is that a word!?).

    If you wanted something over the shoulder I would go with a 30. It gives you more versatility since you can carry it over the shoulder, in the crook of your arm, and in your hand.
  8. The leather will soften up quite a bit. I got my Illovo PM near the end of April and yes the leather was super stiff...I've used it non-stop for almost three weeks now...it's nice and pliable now!