Damier Papillon changing buckles!!!!

  1. Hi all...

    I saw that the damier speedies all have a different buckle than the other damier bags...and yesterday, I went to LV to buy a papillon....they've changed the buckle into the same one as the monogram!!!!

    I was a little disappointed...:crybaby: because i liked the damier for the fact that the buckle was a classier one...Before, I used to look at other ppl's damier's and if i saw a non-classy buckle at the end of the handle, i used to think it was fake...now they are all making the bags like that.

    Sighz...I managed to find one in the store that still had the old buckle fortunately, but it wasn't the papillon 30...it was the 26, so i ended up buying that and a framboise agenda instead.

    This post is just to tell all of you who were planning to get the damier papillon, please go and get it before it gets replaced with the new stock!!! unless....it's already too late....
    LV bags.jpg
  2. I prefer the new buckle,because the square ones are what the fakes have,a friend of mine at school bought a bag from chinatown and its ugly square plastic buckles(well the whole bag is ugly cuz its a fake)

    But great choice for the damier papillon ! :biggrin:
  3. i posted the pic of the old bag's buckle... the new ones aren't like that... they look cheaper...
  4. Ohhh okay...I never noticed that Damier papillons have a different buckle...but after some searching I see it now.

    Yes, I must agree that the older buckles look classier. The new ones (current mono buckles) look too flimsy
  5. Anyone have pic of new buckle?:confused1:
  6. How was the old buckle? don't remember!
  7. Are they trying to save on costs by changing the buckles?? The hardwares add to the "classiness" of the bag..(if there's such word).
  8. The old buckle is pictured above. It's thicker and looks sturdier.

    The new buckle looks like any of the current monogram papillon buckles, i.e.;

  9. :Push: I like my old buckles better:sweatdrop:
  10. Thank you for the pic...and she is right...it was better before....does look cheaper...:s
  11. :yucky::yucky::yucky:

    the new one is horrible!:sad:
  12. Can you imagine LV changing ALL of the Damier buckles to the new ones? That would not be good. Yuck.
  13. Ok...call me crazy...and it just might be but...is the Alma with a new buckle too? I just checked on the LV site and it did look alittle different than my Alma buckle...:confused1:

    And I ordered my speedy 25 SO 2 years ago and the buckle looks alittle thicker than the ones that is coming out now.... :shrugs:
  14. Oh, I prefer the old buckle too...
  15. the SA told me that this new buckle was to keep the damier in line with the monogram, so that they are more consistent. Also she said the older buckles have a screw so that has a tendency to loosen up. Pooh! anyone has ever had a problem like that?

    I just think LV is trying to change their design. Maybe to throw the fakers off track or something. It's still high quality I'm sure... just, looks very different that's all.