Damier Papillon, anyone own one?

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  1. I have had the Damier speedy 30 for about 3 weeks now, bought new from the store, turns out I just can't carry it without causing some major shoulder pain (year old injuries to them...), I can do well with shoulder bags and am eyeing the papillon 26. My concern is how well it fits on the shoulder and whether it's comfy or not?

    Oh and if any of you wanna trade my Damier speedy 30 for your papillon 26 I'd be happy to do it... :smile: If not, it's going on Ebay tomorrow!

    ** oooh my 200th post, yippee! **
  2. I have a mono pap 30, which is slightly larger than the pap 26 (by a couple inches, I think). I have no problems propping the bag on my shoulder but I know some people don't like it (the straps are rather short and can ride up your underarm). I don't know if the pap will hold as much as your speedy, but I still think it can hold quite a bit (even for the 26). Sorry I can't be of further assistance! But I really love this bag.
  3. i have the Damier Papillon 30, and for me that's the perfect size. it can hold a lot, and i can fit it on my shoulder just fine :yes:
  4. I have the 26 but I rarely wear it on my shoulder because its not comfy. I am petite (5'3, 100lbs). I would rather have the 30 anyday!
  5. I have the Damier 26... I don't wear it on my shoulder though.
  6. i used to have a damier pap26, road tested it once, but had it exchanged after a week for a damier speedy30 because i had a such hard time with the handles, i probably have gotten so used to the rolled vachetta handles of my mono speedy that i hated the feel of the papillon handles.......the handles of the 26 are a wee bit shorter than the 30 so no way you can use it as a shoulder bag............
  7. aaah ok, so i should look at the papillon 30 since it will fit on the shoulders, thanks guys!