Damier Papillon 30 w/ brown suit- calling Papillon owners!

  1. Okay Papillon owners is this how your bag looks? See how the front part is indented? On the visual aid photos I do not notice anyone elses doing it. It's starting to bug me, but I am going to try and work with it a couple more days before making the trip to LV for a return....

  2. You look FAB!!!:love:

    Is the bag dented because you just had it on your shoulder?
  3. No it was like that when I received it in the mail..... I even stuffed it over night with clean tees but it didn't help. I just don't want to drive to LV and hassle with a return...... maybe it's just the way the bag is made, but it's going to bug the crap out of me. :hysteric:

  4. PERFECTO..you look great, that bag is so HOT and you did soooo good wearing that colorful top under, it is just the right touch for a nice suit and classic bag.
  5. Looking great..love it..

    Now I notice the dent, are you going to exchange it?
  6. *nodding* I kept mine stuffed with strips of my husband's old sweatshirts, but in the end that denting and the sag at the top drove me nuts and I sold it.
  7. Yes, because I do not notice it on the other members bags. This means a 2 hour drive and me going to an LV store, which is dangerous in itself:nuts:. I like the bag without the dent!
  8. yikes! that's good to know. Maybe I should just exchange it for something else.
  9. Thank you!!! :flowers:
  10. I need a bag for this suit! Any other suggestions?
  11. That looks great on you! Yes, b/c the canvas is not structured/ reinforced than say the Damier Belem, it will dent. It doesn't bother me but if you like structured bags, then this is not for you.
  12. If you want something in Damier and you like your bags more structured, try Brera, Belem or Duomo maybe?
  13. well, first let me say you look fabulous and the bag goes great with your outfit! It sounds like most of your crease is from packing/transport? I had a small but very bad crease in a new epi Alma recently (from travel back from Paris, where I was lucky enough to have it purchased for me as a gift, so I couldn't really complain about the crease!!), and it took several days of letting it sit stuffed with t-shirts before the crease went away. I understand that your bag is canvas, not leather like my epi Alma, but still, I'd give it a couple of days stuffed to see if the crease disappears.

    Once the packing-related crease goes away, the bag might have occasional small and temporary and minor dents in it, simply as a result of the shape, but that doesn't bother me at all. It's certainly nothing on par with the infamous Speedy sagging -- which DOES bother me personally, but I know doesn't bother others at all! If the Pap gets a small dent in it now and then, it's because it is constructed from a fabric, a pliable material, so I think a little bit of that, occasionally, is fine. I wouldn't want to be carrying around a hard round case, like a cardboard poster tube or something!

    I have a Damier Pap 30 too, and I love it -- it is such a unique shape. I hope you try it out for a few more days before deciding to return it. It looks so great on you!! Good luck with whatever you decide!!
  14. Ok, after reading your post asking for other suggestions, I have to agree with others that the Damier Belem MM is divine!! I adore that bag!!! So practical with all the pockets and SUCH a unique shape too. The only reason I don't have one myself is that I feel it's too close to the size of my Saleya PM, and I don't like to get multiple bags with too many of the same characteristics. (I guess that's the practical side of me coming out!)
  15. Thanks, I'll have to check those out! I saw the Duomo and was going to buy it, but the SA talked me out of it! :confused1: