Damier Papillon 30 owners - organized or cluttered?

  1. Does anyone use a purseket in their papillon? is there one even made for its size? Just curious cuz I tend to be a neat freak and like to keep things organized but don't know how with the papillon. when i place things inside, the stuff just tossels throughout the day. if the bag is not completely full - looking for my keys is a nightmare since i don't use the mini bag.

    any suggestions?? thanks! :idea:
  2. i tried putting my medium purseket in my Papillon, but it wouldn't fit. i don't think any of them fit in a Papillon. i don't have any problems finding my stuff though, but then again i use the baby Papillon, so that helps. maybe you should try using the little pouch too, and see if it's any better :yes:
  3. Nope, I can't fit a Purseket into my Pap. You could use a bolt key holder/ pochette extender for your keys and clip them to the d-ring.
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