Damier Papillon 26 vs Papillon 30

  1. Hi people, i'm thinking of getting the Damier papillon bag. its too cute to pass!!! but the problem is im not sure if i should get the papillon 26 or 30. I dont see much people with the 26. but its sooo cute!! both the sizes! im very petite. so i reckon the papillon 26 will look just right for me. but i really like the 30, its a great size, and it comes with a baby papillon. what do you think???

    Who owns a Papillon 26 or 30 here?

    Does anyone knows the price of both the bags in AUD?

  2. Sorry, don't know the Aussie prices, but you probably can estimate from eluxury.com and do a conversion.

    I love the Papillon 26 - I don't have a pic of me wearing it, but you can see it in my bag collection. It's a great size - very cute! I found the 30 a bit too big on my 5'2", 110 lbs frame.
  3. :lol: you know what my answer to this will be! :lol:

    if you live near a store, go in and try both sizes. i still think the 30 is the best size for the Papillon :yes:
  4. i do i do sandra~ hahahah but i just felt like listening to some comments. o wells. the nearest store to me is 3.5hours drive away. lol. how convenient right.
  5. I prefer the 30 because I get lazy sometimes and just put it on my shoulders for a couple mins. (NOT flattening it) and it comes with the baby. I was also debating which size and I have the damier 30 and love it!
  6. I agree that it is something you should try on for yourself. I was actually looking at both sizes last week and there really isn't that much of a difference between them. The 30 is 2" longer than the 26 and the other dimensions are the same. To me the 30 looked more proportionate than the 26. Also the 26's handles were too short for my liking.
  7. Hello, i just bought mine 2 months ago and it was AU$850 (i'm in brisbane :yes: ) i love the 26 as i am quite short and the 30 looked funny on me when i put it on my shoulder. but it is something that you gotta try on yourself.. how are you going to purchase it if you live 2 hours away? where are you anyway may i ask? :flowers:
  8. I have a 30...I do not think the Papillon was meant to be carried on your shoulder.
  9. I looooove the Damier Papillon 30... :heart:.
  10. I'm 5'3, 105lbs and find that the Papillon 30 is the perfect size. It easily fits on your shoulder and looks super cute just hanging on your forearm too.

    I think the smaller papillon is cute too, but not as practical.
  11. I love pap 30 because you can wear it over the shoulder and comes with baby pap for cosmetic or someday I can give it to my daughter lol (When I have daughter someday)
  12. i'm 164cm, 43kg and i have the 26.

    i think its the right size for me, i use it for work, and it fits everything i need. 30 will be too long for me, and i dont really need the baby pap.

    i brought mine before the price increase in feb this year from sydney castlereagh store for AUD$850

    i think the 30 was about $1200ish
    pap 26.JPG dam pap 26JPG.JPG
  13. The store is 3.5hours away from me. Im in Canberra (ACT). and theres no LV store nearby. im a uni student, and the spring break is just one week's time. so i'm going to sydney for a vacation. meanwhile, i can check out the store. hahahah thanks for your advice. can you provide me with a visual aid. Will you be able to sling the bag onto your shoulderS?
  14. Thanks for your advice, will you be able to provide me with a visual aid? as in you carrying the bag? thanks lovey!
  15. I have the Pap 30 and 26 and I am 5-feet tall. I use the 30 when I need to carry a lot and the 26 when I just have a few things to put into my bag.

    Here are pics of them beside a regular tissue box:
    paps2.JPG Paps1.jpg