Damier: Papillon 26 or Speedy 25

  1. I don't have a damier or a speedy, but I know that speedys in mono tend to sag. I was wondering if this applies to Damier as well. Which one do you prefer, the papillon 26 or speedy 25 or speedy 30? Do you think the papillon 26 holds alot less stuff than the speedy 25?
  2. well, i have a papillon 26 in the damier print and it doesn't sag like the monogram print. as for size, i think it's smaller, but the major difference is that the papillon is slightly more difficult to open since the speedy can stand on its own while the papillion is like a soda can tilted on its side so it rolls around a bit.
  3. have the papillon 26 in Damier and the speedy 25 in epi, they fit a similar volume (speedy slightly more) the speedy is taller so certain large items fit better if that makes any sense. My papillon doesn't age which I love! I too am interested in a Damier speedy 30 but on the fence, the monograms do tend to sag and I would think the Damier may as well but maybe not as bad??? If you're worried about sagging but still want a speedy go for the epi, it's much more structured. BUT there is a downfall to not having the sag and that is that it doesn't mold with your body as well when you carry it, I was between the 25 and 30 for my epi speedy and glad I went with the 25 because it sticks pretty far out from my hip and it's not like you can put it on your shoulder so it gets a little in the way sometimes.......one more think, LOVE the papillon because if you need to you can get it on your shoulder (there's an especially cool trick someone taught me years ago) and my everyday life requires that ability most of the time.....which is why I'm hesitating purchasing a Damier Alma or Speedy, after a few weeks in a row of carrying a speedy I wind up with a permanent dent in my forearm.....sorry so long.....
  4. :yes: Damier sags as well. I'll prefer Speedy 30. And I think Speedy 25 will hold more than Pap 26 I'm not sure cos I've the Pap 30.;)
  5. Wow:nuts: Can you post a pic with Pap 26 on your shoulder? I've to get the Pap 30 cos the strap in longer! Pleaseeeee:flowers:
  6. I Adore The Papillion!!!!!!! But, The Speedy Definitely Has More Room!!! They Are Both Beautiful!!!!!!!! :smile:
  7. the Speedy 25 can hold more than the Papillon 26, which is actually a bit small. i think the Papillon 30 is the best size :yes:

    the Damier Speedy 25 does sag a little, but if you put cardboard or a Pursekey in it it will hold its shape and not sag.
  8. oh my god, if I can figure out how to get a picture on here I would love to show everyone, it's not the absolute prettiest way to wear it but I think it looks cute
  9. Here is something I wrote a while back for a friend who was debating between the two bags.

    Speedy 25:
    Pros: very roomy and is great for casual wear, very grab and go type bag, yummy red textile lining!
    Cons: will sag unless you put something on the bottom (unless you don't mind. I actually like it.), handheld means you always have to hold it (can be a pain when shopping), heavy if stuffed full. Opening might be a bit narrow for some people to keep sticking their hands in and out.

    Also, kind of random but if you have very sweaty hands, the leather handles on the underside will wrinkle more from all that holding and sweating and rubbing! Eeeew. LOL. :yucky:

    Papillon 26:
    Pros: sooooo cute and feminine, good for casual and more dressed up occasions, cross-grain leather interior so I didn't have to worry as much about getting it dirty.
    Cons: not as roomy as the speedy but I can fit my phone, a small cardigan, wallet, keys, a bottle of water. It was pretty packed though like that. Can't put any books in it and probably not an agenda unless you have a mini. Also, the shape is not conducive to organization of any sort so your stuff will just roll around and if it's stuffed full, you will have to dig through your bag unless you keep them in pouches. Also, it's only a handheld bag.

    I have them both and I love them both! If you want a functional, everyday bag, go for the speedy. If you just want a cute bag and you don't have that much stuff, get the papillon!
  10. I got my medium agenda in the papillon with my pochette cosmetique, the 26! I was using my medium agenda as a wallet too but it has tons of credit card slots so you can!
  11. 0724061953.jpg



    here's how I wear it on my shoulder.....sorry should have moved the scarf so you could see better but you should be able to get the idea.....
  12. :nuts: :nuts: Thank you so much Lola!:flowers: You must be so skinny ,I actually did that but still don't fit comfortably .;)
  13. WOW! That is so clever Lola! I have to try that!!! Doesn't it squish the bag though?
  14. Looks comfortable on your shoulder, is it?
  15. it doesn't really squish the bag on me and I often push the barrel of the bag toward the back more if I feel the need....and my upper body is freakishly smaller than I realize it is sometimes so if you have some actual upper body strength it may not be comfortable for you....I can actually get my speedy's up on my shoulder but there's no way to make that comfortable or look right........