Damier Papillon 26 or Damier Speedy 30


speedy or papillon

  1. Damier speedy 30

  2. Damier papillon 26

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  1. Which one do you prefer? Your opinions are highly valued......
  2. I voted for the damier speedy as I have this bag and it is such a GREAT bag---- you don't have to worry about it all and it can hold a fair volume of items:love:
  3. Speedy
  4. go for the speedy...........i love it! was able to accommodate all my stuff when i went overseas....i made it my handcarried luggage.....hihihihihihihihi......but i'd love to get the papillon too.......
  5. i loveeeee my damier speedy so i choose that. its also quite a bit roomier than the papillon 26
  6. omg! i'm the first to vote for the papillon!! ;););)
    i think its more unique and its really cute!
  7. i have the damier speedy. and now im going for the pap.
  8. Papillon.
  9. Speedy!!!!
  10. SPEEDY!
  11. speedy!!
  12. Ooh, I'm going for the damier pap, as I've recently got one and just love it!!

    I wanted something that I could hold in the crook of my arm, rather than a shoulder bag, and I've found it to be just fab.

    Love it!!

  13. Speedy, I think that Pap 26 looks a bit weird :shrugs:
  14. in this case the Speedy 30 would be better because the Papillon is only nice in the 30. the 26 doesn't fit anything :blah:
  15. I think I am one of the few ladies here who doesn't like saggy Damier so I vote for the Pap.