Damier PAPILLON 26, Damier SPEEDY 25 or Mono SPEEDY 25???

  1. I can't decide!!! :cry:
    I'm going to Munich in ~2 weeks and of course I'll visit the LV store there... I already looked at those 3 bags but I just don't know which one will be best for me........

    Just judging the outer appearance I loooooooove the Damier Papillon 26. The shape is so cute and I'd love to add a Damier piece to my collection. BUT what really bothers me about the Papillon is, that there's no inner pocket! I need at least one pocket for my mobile phone :cry:

    Mono Speedy: In never really liked the Mono Speedy until I saw it carried by a young girl, dressed pretty casual. It just looked perfect! The only thing that speaks against the Mono Speedy is that I already have a Mono bag and I prefer having different styles.

    So the Damier Speedy could be the best of both? BUT I'm afraid it won't be right for me. Would you recommend the Damier Speedy for a 20-year-old that dresses casual all the time (= me :shame:smile:? I usually wear Jeans, T-Shirt/Poloshirt and Ballerina flats. IMO the Damier pattern looks more "grown up" but the Papillon shape makes it suitable for me - not sure if it's the same for the Speedy?

    Here's a pic of my LV's so far - what should I add?
  2. get the Mono Speedy. i've considered getting the Damier Speedy myself, but somehow the Speedy looks better in Mono. and the Papillon looks better in Damier. why don't you get the Papillon 30? it's bigger and it comes with the little miniature Papillon so you can put your phone in it.
  3. I thought about that, too. But I tried the 30 on when I bought my Denim Speedy and it did not suited me - it looked really weird in that size :hrmm:
  4. I would say the mono speedy.
  5. Damier Papillon!!!:love:
  6. Get the damier papillon. It's very youthful and chic.
  7. Damier Papillon!!! I think your collection would be rounded out with the damier and the papillon would be a little more casual than the speedy. Good luck!!
  8. Definitely the damier. I just think it goes better with the jeans/t-shirt whether it be for a 20 year old or a 40 year old.
  9. They are all such nice bags...I have the Papillon 26 (mono), it was my first LV, and I do love it...I would love it more if it had an inner pocket. The thing that I like about the Damier is that you just don't see it around as much as the mono. I have the Damier Speedy 25 and I am a 33 y.o. mom of three who never dresses up, and I don't feel that the Damier is too dressy for me.
  10. I vote the Damier Papillion aswell its such a cute bag with a fab shape! Good luck with you decision! Let us know what you get! xxx
  11. Thanks for all the replies :flowers:
    I'm glad, that I won't get into a LV store until 2 weeks, I couldn't be more undecided :shame:
    I'm leaning towards the Papillon, I guess that's what I love most.
    But I also have to take a look at the Saleya PM, haven't seen it in RL so far:

  12. best thing to do is to go in store .. try all 3 bags on and see which one is the best for you!

    you might even end up walking away with another bag .. happens to me all the time!
  13. Hi
    I happen to have both a mono Speedy 25 and a Papillon 26. The Papillon is more like a tootsie roll shape. You can't fit as much in as with the Speedy 25. Also there are not pockets. It's just a beautiful little, elegant thing. I take it out a lot and admire it, but it doesn't get used a lot. The Speedy 25 is roomier and has a pocket and ring for keys or a pochette or even wristlet. In fact, I think I am going to sell the Papillon and I hate to see it go, but purses should be used, unless you really just collect them. I can't speak for a Damier, but I suppose their main selling point is the water proof leather. Good luck with your choice! There's nothing like buying an LV!
  14. I'd vote for mono speedy, I love your collection - it's so cute and fun !
  15. totally agree!!! you have to have at least ONE classic shape/bag in your collection... btw... your currently collection is STUNNING!!! :amuse: