Damier Papillion?

  1. What type of bag would you consider the Damier Papillion? Day, evening? Casual, dressy? What age group?

    I am looking for a medium sized bag that I could use daily. Mostly casual, jeans, etc. Want something stylish, not super big, but useful.

    I have the Beverly Clutch (too small for daily use), and a small Chanel (too dressy for daily use) and that is it, no other big name bags.

    The Damier Papillion 30 has caught my eye. Actually the mono 30, but I don't know if I need 2 mono bags. I really like the mono, but want something that is not screaming with logo, even though I do like the logo.

  2. for me i feel that Damier Papillion 30 is more day and a casual bag, but it does comes with a smaller papillon and that maybe evening suitable too :smile:
  3. To me it's an everyday bag, just like the speedy.
  4. I have the 26 I tend to wear it with slightly smarter outfits but it works with jeans too I'm 27 but I've had her almost 3 years I think it's subjective your going to get a lot of different answers
  5. I think the papillon is kinda casual because it looks good with jeans but it can be dressed up too, if you want. My main issue with it is that it has no pockets whatsoever.
  6. I think the Papillon is pretty casual, good for the younger crowd...jmo.
  7. i think that it's casual and it can be dressed up, but not like super-fancy. i think it's an ideal everyday bag just like a mono speedy.

    i'm considering the damier papillon as a 2008 purchase because i like how it looks and it has a shoulder strap. sometimes a girl just needs a shoulder strap!
  8. i have the Damier Papillon, and when i first got it i used it every single day for a month. it's a good everyday bag, and because of the Damier print it can also be used in the evening
  9. No pockets - I know!! That is a major downfall for me, too. I love the shape, though. I have tried on the 30 and it is kind of tight as a shoulder bag. The SA showed me how I could wear it straight up and down on my shoulder, but that was kind of odd to me.

    I guess I need to keep looking. I wanted to get a day bag in early January, but I will not get one just to get one.
  10. I think the Papillon is very versatile and makes a great everyday bag but can go with dressier outfits as well. But mostly I would use it for every day. Great bag though...I have 2 Soufflots and am considering adding the Damier Papillon 30 to my wish list.
  11. I recently purchased a Damier Papillon 30 and am in love with it! I'm mostly a casual dresser (jeans, tees) but I also think it looks great a liitle more dressed up..either way it works IMO. BTW for reference I'm in my early 40's. :smile:
  12. Day casual IMO
  13. i carried it (i have 30) every single day and night when i first got it (when it first came out in damier).....during summer time, years ago.

    i hardly ever use it now.....i used it a few times last year when it rained. i can never let it go because of the sentimental value ---- it was so awesome and cute bag which i got sooooo many compliments on.....specially from men! =D
  14. I agree.
  15. I've own the Damier Pap 30 for over a year now and LOVE it LOVE it LOVE it! It's a great everyday bag and dressed up bag. It's extremely low mainteance given there's no vachetta. The barrel shape is very fun!