Damier Papillion or Mono Canvas Speedy for New Purse? Anyone own these?

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  1. OK, need opinions here. I already own the Cerises Speedy :love: , but am leaning towards getting another Speedy without the cherries to match more outfits OR a Damier Papillion (the larger one) that comes with the accessories purse. What do you all think about Damier? I don't have anything from that collection yet. Thoughts? :confused1:
  2. I love both, but in terms of practicality, then the damier papillon (even though I am obsessed with the black MC Speedy)!
  3. hi Vuittonhammie
    i reckon you should get a speedy damier 25 - its a super cute bag and damier can be dressed up or dressed down with no problems IMO.
    good luck with what you decided!
  4. Now, I own the Framboise Vernis Bedford and it is hard to get stuff in and out of because of the leather... is the Damier papillion any easier to work with?

    I also like the Damier Speedy... but kind of like the speedy in Mono Canvas for some reason a little more!
  5. I have Damier Papillon 30, this is the biggest size and I adore it, I believe you should go for, you already have a Speedy, try a different shape to add more variety to your collection.

    I posted this picture before of me wearing my Papillon and few members from other board got inspired by it and they purchased the bag, now they love the bag.


  6. I'll recommend the Papillon 30 cos I have one:graucho:. It's not hard to get things in or out because the canvas is softer than the Vernis (Bedford)
    Here's a pic of the wide opening;) DSC02897.JPG
  7. the damier speedy 25 or 30 would be a wise choice.....those handles won't mind if your palms are sweaty as compared to the mono. ooooohhhh but i love that damier papillon as well...i guess my advise wasn't that helpful....regardless of what you get.....post photos so we can adore it with you! wink*wink*
  8. Bags4Me- Thank you so much for the pics-- BTW, love your boots too!
    Just seeing how it dresses up your outfit without screaming logos is very chic, and I love the way the Damier looks from afar too. I used to be obsessed with the Multicolor line, but now I am looking for something new to try out. This bag looks more structured than the Speedy, and I love how I won't have to worry about the handles getting dirty!!
  9. dear oh dear........that post by bags4me........makes me want to buy one too! wink*wink*wink* love your boots!
  10. Thank you Lee69... I guess I am really steering towards the Damier papillion now!!!
  11. Thank you,:yes: I try to pair my Damier bag with these boots any chance I get in Winter time and for the bag, you will not regret this purchase, you have no idea how many people compliment this bag and mainly guys, it is men magnet:graucho: and believe me, this bag is maintenance free, rain and oil proof.
  12. they are my baby's favorite!!! :P :heart:

    strong enough for rain and baby bites.....awesome bag! :love:
    sophia1.jpg sophia3.jpg sophia4.jpg
  13. Bagsforme-- You look so gorgeous with your Papillon!! Great figure, I might add! You inspire me to get my butt in the gym LOL

    Vuittonhammie-- you will love EITHER of those awesome bags. However, I just got a Damier Speedy 30 tonight and I am in looooovvvvveeeee!! It is TDF!!

    You really can't go wrong either way, though. They are both stunning bags:smile:

    Good luck!!
  14. :P I am serious about these darn pics, so far I know 7 girls that purchased the bag after view my pics, I was sooooo happy when I bought it:yahoo: that I made sure I took clear pics of it for my e-friends.
  15. OMG!! honey thanks, my older son need to read this, he is 17 and think I am old fart.:shame: