Damier Owners

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  1. Hi all. I just recently purchases a DUOMO and it was a big splurge for me. The thing that appealed to me was the durability of the dark leather. I just saw a post that showed the handles flaking. Have Any of you long term Damier owners experienced this?? I only have a few days left in my return period so if you can offer any information I would appreciate it. How does the leather wear on the Damier, 5 or 10 years or more out?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. I've had my Damier Backpack with dark handles for 10? 11? years now and no problems at all. Not a mark, and I use it alot.
  3. I think the flaking was on the parioli bag, maybe because there is a large section of brown where the handles attach to the bag?
    dO YOU LUV IT? I just ordered one from e-lux.
  4. i've had the damier alma for 5 years- no flaking. it's great!
  5. I have a few Damier pieces (Duomo included) and have never had that problem. Still just like new!
  6. My damier bags never have cracks even though some of them have been abused by me for years. No worries.
  7. No flaking at all and I have the Parioli as well as a few others.
  8. I've got a damier musette salsa and the long leather strap looks great - no flaking or cracked leather or anything of the sort.
  9. My damier 26 has no flaking so far and my mum's damier Parioli also didn't have this problem and she's had her's for about 2yrs.

    But I have seen handles of a friend's ribera pm flaking, and she's getting the handles changed because she couldn't stand it. :P
  10. Damier Papillon 26 3 years no problems here either.
  11. No problems on any of my Damier!