Damier Or Taiga?

  1. recently got a porte valeurs in damier, im thinking about going back to get it in taiga.. something understated because im 17.
  2. Taiga!
  3. damier for sure....you are 17 so what??? I used to go to school with my montsouris...great wallet and great canvas...
    Good luck with your decision..
  4. Stick with damier!!!, there will be more than enough time to be discreet later.
  5. damier
  6. you are young so i think damier will suit you more. you can get something in taiga when you start working like around 25-ish or something
  7. just get both. you only live once.


    Unless you are a cat.
  8. Exchange for taiga. Follow your gut on the design, but the leathers are usually more versatile material wise.
  9. ive decided to exchange it for an olav mens bag in damier... tmrw hopefully. i shall post pics. thanks for all the support!
  10. go for the damier...
  11. I would say go for the Damier -but If you doesn't feel good with it, then go back and exchange it for a Taiga! YOU have to be happy with it.
  12. Taiga!
  13. DAMIER!!!! its a classic