Damier or monogram?

  1. Which one appeals to you more and why?
  2. I like the damier because no vachetta to worry about and it doesn't scream LV as much. But then having a few mono bags in your collection is a must too especially the mono speedy. You just have to have it!! :jammin:
  3. i love the Mono because it's a classic and a must-have, and i love the Damier because it's vachetta-less and therefore worry-free :supacool:.
  4. My mom had the monogram speedy in the 80's when I was too young to know about bags. It was really beat up and she gave it away, I really wish she had kept it for me.
  5. Monogram! its classic,Damier for me is too grown up.
  6. I love they way mono looks. I wish I had a piece of damier (I'm going to get one eventually) because I could use that when it's raining.
  7. I prefer the damier because it is less common.
  8. I prefer the monogram, I simply like the colours and the design better. The damier is a little too conservative for me sometimes.
  9. I like the Damier because I don't have to "baby it" too much unlike the Mono. But the Mono is a classic and, well you know, you just gotta have it!!
  10. I like the Damier because it's less obvious and looks nicer longer than the vachetta!
  11. Damier will still look new 10 years down the line as compares to mono and its dark vachetta.
  12. I love my damier bag because it is easier to care for and the chocolate brown color goes with so many things. Also most people do not know it's LV ;)

    That said, I will hopefully eventually get a monogram bag of some kind.
  13. Mono for the summer and Damier for the winter! :yes: Sorry, but I can't choose - I love them both!
  14. Monogram. It is the classic look that initially attracted me to LV and what I fell in love with. Although I am getting very excited about the new damier when it is released.
  15. I love the monogram because I think it looks so classic. I don't like the Damier because I don't like checkerboard looking things.